Regnum Christi
Baton Rouge Locality
Love. Serve. Build.

Website for the North American Territory of Regnum Christi
The Regnum Christi website for activities and events throughout Louisiana
Reflect on what it means to live the mystery of the life of Christ, the source of Regnum Christi's identity
Focus on the mission of making the Kingdom present in one’s own life, in the hearts of others, and in society.
The fundamental traits of the Regnum Christi vocation for lay members
The 2019 approved Statutes of the Regnum Christi Federation
What is ECYD?
The complementary rules contained in these Regulations apply to the entire Federation. In particular, they define the territorial and local organization of the Federation and their respective applications.
Booklet format containing the ceremony for lay members associating to the Regnum Christi Federation.
Guide for the person intending to associate into Regnum Christi.
Certificate for Members Associating into Regnum Christi
Devotional renewal of the commitments of the association to Regnum Christi Federation
Rite intended for Associated Members to pledge to make themselves more availble to Regnum Christi